All year long, you can rent around twenty holiday homes, mobilehomes of different types, dispatched in the campsite on large and beautiful places.

In every rental, you'll find in proportion to the potential number of occupants :

  • Bedding (mattress protector, pillows, duvets or blankets)                     (sheets not provided)
  • Tableware (plates, flatware, glasses, dishes etc.)
  • Cookware (stoves, pans, covers etc.)
  • Home appliance (gas cooking plate, microwave oven, refrigérator, electric coffee maker)
  • Housekeeping kit (brooms,bucket, trash can, drying rack etc.)
  • Garden furniture (table and chairs or picnic table, beach umbrella )

We'll give you a complete inventory upon your arrival or before on demand.

Mobilehomes cONFORT SERIES

Mobilehomes dedicated to tourism. 

1 Room - 2Persons

2 Rooms - 4Persons

2 Rooms - 4 Persons+

2 Rooms - 5 Persons

3 Rooms - 6 Persons

Mobilehomes ECO SERIES

Less recent mobilehomes but always confortable focused towards a professionnal or long stay use. 

2 Rooms - 4 Persons (2 + 2x1)

2 Rooms - 4 Persons (4x1)


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